ReAssembly Required

6 Episodes

Most of us grew up in homes without a healthy approach to relationship reconciliation. In this series, we’ll learn how to reassemble broken relationships.

Episodes in this Series 

ReAssembly Required, Episode 1
Original Airdate:  September 9th, 2023

No Regrets

When it comes to repairing relationships, many of us will need to unlearn some unhealthy behaviors. Many of us learned, or assumed, that in relationship conflict, we need to convince, coerce, convict or control. People have tried to do this to you, and perhaps you’ve tried to do it to other people. But every time a person uses the 4 C’s, incredible damage is done to the relationship. So, when a relationship is strained, how do you begin to put it back together? It begins by identifying the right goal. It is to live like Jesus.

Episodes in this Series 

ReAssembly Required, Episode 2
Original Airdate:  September 17th, 2023


We live in a culture that gives honor to people who portray themselves as victims. As a result, we’re becoming experts at casting ourselves as victims and telling ourselves stories that put us at the center of injustices. But if we allow ourselves to be easily offended by others, it indicates that we aren’t aware of how offensive we ourselves are. Not just to others, but specifically to God. But when you consider your life from God’s perspective, we realize we’re not as innocent as we portray. The ability to reconcile broken relationships begins with seeing how God treats people who have offended him.