Stories of Hope

Matthew Kaun

Matthew shares his sobriety story, groups, and why he loves attending Hope Church.

Doug & Julie's Story

As we see in Ruth's story, there's a series of "it just so happens" moments. And today, God continues to use this sequence of events for His bigger plan. Julie and Doug know that well.

Why We Love Community Groups 

Zastrow's Story

Meet the Zastrows, who tell us why they love groups at Hope Church.

Pete & Caty's Story

Meet Pete and Caty, who tell us about their group experiences and how they learned it's an essential first step in growing your faith.

Anthony & Olivia's Story

When Anthony & Olivia moved to town, they were looking for a community where they could build authentic friendships. Here's their story of what they found in a Group at Hope Church.

Chuck & Andrea's Story

For Andrea and Chuck, Pathways allowed them to kick the tires of Hope Church and see what Hope is all about.

Paul & Eileen's Story

When Paul and Eileen moved back to Wisconsin, they were in the midst of big challenges. Hear how plugging into a church helped them through their trials.

Becky's Story

The blessing of COVID for Becky was finding a community where she knew she wasn't alone. 

The Reason Why I Got Baptized

Stella and Bellas' Story 

Two friends share why they want to get baptized.

Jessica's Story

Jessica tells us about her journey to finding Jesus, taking the next step, and becoming baptized and why it was so important.

Jordan's Story

For Jordan, being baptized was a recommitment to her life. Hear what being Brand New means to her.

The Reason Why I Volunteer

Noths' Story

The Noths share their spiritual story and how they started volunteering at Hope Church.

Emily Fisher's Story

Covid was hard on so many of us. Emily shares how it impacted her life and how God provided for her most when she needed it.

Austin's Story

Meet Austin, one of Hope's volunteers. Austin found a passion for serving Hope's community because it showed him something he had never experienced.

Candy's Story

Meet Candy. Candy joins Hope Church in person, serving as a coffee volunteer. Living an hour away, Candy also joins as a part of Hope Church Online. Learn how Candy can be part of in-person and online environments to grow her faith and help reach those far from God.

Micah's Story

When life circumstances led to relocation, Micah jumped in at Hope for friendship and to serve. Learn how Micah views serving and uses music to worship God.

The Impact of Giving

Ashley Murphy's Story

Ashley shares her story of how Hope's Christmas Offering changed her life. 

Ally's Story 

Christmas offering is one of our favorite Sundays of the year. But how did it all begin? Check out this fantastic story of a tiny act that became a decade of love. 

Connor & Bethany's Story

How does your generosity impact others? Sometimes, it feels like generosity is so far away from our everyday lives. But as we learn from Connor and Bethany, our part changes lives and eternities daily.

Brian & Katie's Story

What happens when you're truly generous with the talents and gifts God blesses you with? The ripple effect is far more significant than you could expect. Just ask Brian and Katie.

Hope Church Online 

Altoms' Story

The Altoms found Hope Church online, and in this video, they share the impact the online church has had on their lives since they moved out of Wisconsin.

Lisa Blatter's Story

Are you curious about Online Church? Watch this video to learn why we love it and why you should, too! In this video, we hear from someone joining the Hope Community while living on the other side of the world.

Joshs' Story

When Josh moved away from Wisconsin, he continued to attend Hope Church online and online Groups. Hear how this changed his faith journey.

Kates' Story

Kate attends Hope Church Online and is an active Prayer & Care team member, living in her RV and traveling the country. Hear how Kate continues to serve Hope Church in her travels.