Facility Coordinator Job Description

The Facilities Coordinator is responsible for the Hope Church building and grounds. The primary work days will be Monday through Thursday, with the support of a Sunday morning building maintenance volunteer team. This role is anticipated to be 20 hours per week.
Primary Areas of Responsibility 
  • Monitor fire alarm and safety systems
  • Determine, schedule, and oversee/perform required maintenance, repairs, and inspections
  • Ensure the facility and grounds are in good and safe working condition  
  • Document and advise on needed equipment repairs
  • Supervise building service contractors and vendors
  • Evaluate proposals from vendors when needed
  • Respond to the emergency needs in a timely manner
  • Oversee and work with volunteers on weekly facility tasks
Specific Responsibilities
  • Work with contractors for cleaning, snow removal, and mowing, along with volunteers for additional maintenance and upkeep (weeding, mulching, pruning, cleaning, painting, etc.)
  • Identify, monitor, and order required materials and supplies as needed
  • Operate building’s HVAC system, making adjustments as needed, and scheduling and monitoring seasonal maintenance
  • Be familiar with plumbing, mechanical, and electrical systems, making minor adjustments, and repairs, and perform maintenance as needed.
  • Help with room setup for ministry activities that take place at Hope, including Groups, Hope Youth, Hope Kids, and Sunday morning services.
  • Assist with budgeting for facility maintenance supplies
  • Notify and work with contractors on major repairs and maintenance
  • Monitor and maintain well, water, septic, lighting, and fire suppression system
  • Regularly communicate with Hope staff to determine facility needs
  • Other building and grounds maintenance, management, and special projects as needed
To Learn More
Qualified candidates can submit a resume to Hope Church at admin@hopelakecountry.com.

Campus Pastor

The Campus Pastor's Responsibilities Include:
  • Responsible for every aspect of the campus, including staff, volunteers, relationship with rented location, ministries and setup/takedown of weekend services.
  • Create an environment that makes everyone—no matter their faith background—feel welcome and valued. This person will work with a central staff to prepare and execute every portion of the weekend experience.
  • Develop a healthy leadership pathway that raises up leaders at the campus to own areas of ministry, and lead other volunteers.
  • Lead and oversee the campus as a part of Hope Church, ensuring the overall vision and DNA of the church is embedded into the location.
  • Serve as the primary stage communicator outside of the broadcasted message for weekend services.
  • Be the primary recruiter of volunteers and leaders for ministries and small groups.
  • Meet, invest, support & encourage volunteer leaders (weekend services, groups)-   Follow-up with new guests after weekend services, and help them take their next steps of faith (serving, groups)
  • Implement key Hope Church ministries at Watertown/Johnson Creek location, including Hope Kids, Starting Point, Pathways and Group.s
  • Work closely with central campus to report specific numbers/data needed for the church dashboard. 
Goals and Expectations
The effective Campus Pastor will achieve the following goals:
  • Lead the Watertown/Johnson Creek campus and understand the DNA of Hope Church overall.
  • Be the “host” for Watertown/Johnson Creek campus every weekend - leading and inspiring the community to take the next steps of faith.
  • Connect with the Watertown/Johnson Creek communities.
  • Help to build up small groups.
  • Show a willingness to continue learning.
  • Be a team player with Oconomowoc campus.
  • Be an active part of Hope Church - participate in a Hope Group, Lead and support volunteers at Sunday morning services, attend Hope Church staff meetings, and be actively embedded into the Hope culture.
  • Play a key role in helping people at Hope Church take their next steps in engagement.
  • Lead and perform additional tasks as identified by the candidate and Hope Church.
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