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God of the Underdogs Part  5 "As Far as the Eye Can See"

There is more going on than we can see in this world.  Sound waves, radio waves, cell phone signals, etc.  And what about spiritually?  Are there spiritual realities that are happening around us that for some reason we can’t see?  Under great distress, Elisha shows his servant what God is up to.  The servant saw nothing, but Elisha saw that God had an army protecting Israel.  When you look through the scriptures, you see this was not a one-time phenomenon.  So what is happening all around us and how do we position ourselves to see as Elisha did

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Everyone has felt like an underdog. We’ve also experienced feeling under-qualified, not being connected to the right people, or knowing our chances are too slim. But what if God meets us in those underdog moments to create something better than we could ever imagine? In this series we’ll journey alongside two prophets to see how God showed up in the lives of everyday underdogs, and how he continues to show up in our everyday underdog moments.  
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