Sophia and the Harlot

7 Episodes 

We have more knowledge at our fingertips than was imaginable a century ago. But wisdom has not kept pace. Knowledge tells us what is true. Wisdom gives us competence to know what to do with the realities of life. That’s where the Proverbs come in, an entire book of the Bible that is dedicated to learning how to live well in God’s world. Both Wisdom and Folly want to be in an exclusive relationship with you. You must choose which you will pursue.

Sophia and the Harlot,  Episode 1
Original Airdate: June 2, 2024

Episode 1: “Sophia”

The information age is multiplying our knowledge and our access to knowledge. But it feels like our wisdom, knowing what to do with the realities and complexities of life, is stagnating. The world is changing so rapidly that our need for wisdom has never been greater in our lifetimes. Wisdom is not correlated with intelligence. And that’s good news. Wisdom can be had by anyone. But it requires intentionality. As we begin this series, we’ll discover why Solomon personified wisdom as a woman. He’s inviting you to pursue a relationship with her. And if you have one, Sophia will teach you how to have the competence to know what to do with the realities of life.

Sophia and the Harlot , Episode 2
Original Airdate:  June 9th 2024

Episode 2: “The Harlot”

Last week we saw that wisdom wants to be in a relationship with you. But so does another woman. Her name is Folly. In Proverbs, Solomon describes Folly as an adulterous woman. The people she ensnares all share a common trait; they don’t see their lives as a path that has an obvious destination. Instead, they view life as a series of isolated events. And by the time they get to their destination, it’s too late to avoid it. This message will warn people about the methods, and the danger of the Harlot.

Sophia and the Harlot , Episode 3
Original Airdate: June 16th 2024 

Episode 3: “Sophia and Self-Control”

Ancient philosophers taught on it, physicians directly and indirectly tell us about it, and many social media influencers claim to have the perfect recipe for it. The topic of self-control has been a discussion throughout history. The Bible has plenty to say about self-control, but the practice and end goal of self-control in scripture isn't about living to be a hundred or learning how to be a minimalist. The Bible teaches that self-control is about submission to God. Those who practice self-control understand its perfection in Jesus, but those who don't will encounter friction. 

Sophia and the Harlot , Episode 4
Original Airdate: June 23rd 2024

Episode 4: “Connections”

What are you connected to? Is it your job? Your friendships? Sports? Parenting? Your connections will impact the trajectory of your life. And if you are not careful, the things you connect to can let you down, hurt you, or send your life completely off course. We look to King Solomon's life to show us the power of our connections. 

Sophia and the Harlot, Episode 5
Original Airdate: June 30th, 2024

Episode 5:  “Sophia and Sex”

There are competing views on the purpose and meaning of sex. Some people view it as a natural appetite - so if it is safe and everyone consents, then it’s good. Other people view sex as their identity – they believe that they are what they do with their bodies. The book of Proverbs shows us that “modern” views of sexuality have been around for a very long time – and they aren’t leading us to good destinations. In this message, we’ll see that Sophia has an approach to sexuality that leads to delight and flourishing.

Sophia and the Harlot, Episode 6
Original Airdate: May 12th, 2024

Episode 6: “Road Trip”

One place where it’s really easy to be wise or foolish is in our decision making. What does it mean to make wise decisions? Do we pray over every move we make? Every step we take? Do we trust our gut and hope that God comes through no matter what? Or is it something in between? Proverbs 16 outlines what an interwoven dance there is between our ability to plan and God’s providence. There seems to be one key attribute that separates the wise planner from the foolish one: our willingness to submit our plans to the ultimate authority and wisdom of God.

Sophia and the Harlot , Episode 7
Original Airdate: July 7th, 2024

Episode 7:  “Sophia and Boy Bands”

In America we often think of a person’s heart as the place our emotions reside. However, in scripture the heart is seen as the driver of the whole person. Your heart directs your life. And just as we are shaped physically when we exercise, our hearts are formed by what we give our attention to. Who you love and what you love will determine the person you become and the destination you arrive at. This is why the scriptures warn and encourage us that above all else that we need to guard our heart. So how do we cultivate a healthy heart?