3 Episodes

Most people believe in Heaven when we die. But can we be sure about it? What do we know about Heaven? In this series we’ll explore what we can know about the afterlife.

Heaven, Episode 1
 Airdate: Aug 13, 2022  

Good Enough? 

Heaven is a place for good people, right? Well, if it is a place for good people, then how good do the people have to be to go there? Are there rules you have to follow? All the time? Is there a checklist you have to cross off? Do you have to make up for your bad deeds? What if you miss out by only one good deed? How good is good enough to go to Heaven?

Busy Body, Episode 2
Airdate: Aug, 16, 2023  

Heavenly Healing 

Heaven is not a place where our spirits float around in this ethereal realm while angels strum harp around us. Heaven will be a physical place of joy and delight. While we can’t experience that in full now, we can create glimmers of it when we work for the healing of this world. It is a rehabilitation of the Genesis curse. Heaven waits to come down and create a new earth

Heaven,  Episode 3
 Airdate: Aug 27, 2023

Hell No

Every year, fewer and fewer Americans believe that Hell is a real place. It is understandable why. Usually, Hell’s most vocal advocates are questionable at best, saying that anything from watching Harry Potter to playing Pokémon gives you a direct ticket to everlasting torment. It doesn’t help that books, movies, and television shows have often displayed cartoonish depictions of Hell led by a guy dressed in red with a pitchfork. Then there are hard theological questions to wrestle with. If Jesus is all about love, if God is really good, how can there be a Hell? Would God really send people there? Why would He? Thankfully, Jesus has a lot to say about Hell. The question is, will we trust what Jesus has to say about it?