Easter in Lake Country 2023

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What is the difference between American and Biblical freedom? To be free in America means we can do whatever "I" want and believe whatever makes "me" happy. Biblical freedom is freedom from the desires of the flesh so we can live with self-mastery and self-control in a way that honors God.

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'Merica, Episode 1
Original Airdate: July 3, 2022

Easter Changes Everything

On paper, Christianity should be a small footnote in world history. When Jesus died, it appeared the movement had come to an end. The reason why Christianity survived and thrived for only one reason. Easter Sunday. Easter is a celebration of a historic event. An event that prompted people who had unfollowed Jesus to refollow him. It prompted thousands of people who had rejected the teachings of Jesus to begin to follow him. Not because of a change of mind, but because of something undeniable. Jesus walked out of a tomb on Easter Sunday. And that changed everything. Easter Changes Everything.