Christmas in Lake Country 2023

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Some stories are too good to be true. Christmas seems to fall into that category. That’s why some people dismiss religion without thinking critically and looking closely at it. God
is constantly drawing people closer to him. He wants us to come and see. In the story of the Magi, we see three different responses to this invitation – and the one response that will infuse your life with joy.

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Christmas in Lake Country, Episode 1
Original Airdate: December 24, 2023

Christmas in Lake Country 2023

Jesus wasn't interested in solving the world's problems. In fact, the same problems we see today are similar to ones that were around during Jesus' time. However, Jesus was interested in showing his disciples a better way of problem solving. A way of service that would wash over the world and continue to this very day. Hope's Christmas Offering is a celebration of support to those who are following this example of Jesus in our very own community.