Parenting can be stressful. 

We want to help you in 2024. Below, you will find books, articles, and podcasts to help you and your child develop a healthy routine. You will learn why routine is so important, ultimately allowing you to soak in the joy of being a parent.

This page has resources for babies through 18 years old. 

Cues for Every Family Rhythm: 

  • Morning Time (any kid, any age): Start your child’s day with an encouraging word—even if they are grumpy or don’t respond well.

  • Meal Time: Talk about faith and character.

  • Drive Time: (any kid, any age): Use this time to connect with your kid/teen and get to know what’s going on in their life and what’s important to them.

  • Bed Time: (any kid, any age): Pray for your elementary-age kid, preteen, middle schooler, or high schooler. 

  • Feeding Time (for babies): Use this time to reflect on what’s most important.

  • Cuddle Time (for preschoolers): Pray for your baby, toddler, or preschooler. 

  • Bath Time (for preschoolers): Talk about Bible stories and the character of God. 

More Blogs & Articles

For kids ages babies-4th grade. 

- Nagging and power struggles are eliminated before they even start. Rather than feeling bossed around, kids realize, “Oh, we always nap after lunch.”
- Kids learn to anticipate and eventually take charge of their own activities. There is nothing more rewarding than to see your hard work pay off as your child begins to grow competent and confident enough to do things on their own.
- Kids learn self-control because they know they have to wait for certain things to happen first.
- Time is unlocked for special connections like snuggling, reading, singing, or staring at the ceiling and dreaming together.

  • Routines for Kids: Why They Work and How to Create Your Own -This is a fairly in-depth article. Scroll down to find info on why routines are beneficial to children’s emotional, behavioral, and relational health.


For kids ages babies-4th grade. 

  • Jesus Storybook Bible: tells the Story beneath all the stories in the Bible, pointing to Jesus as our Savior. From the Old Testament through the New Testament, as the Story unfolds, children will clearly see that Jesus is at the center of God's great story of salvation—and at the center of their story, too.
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  • Habits of the Household: In Habits of the Household, you will discover simple practices you can implement around your daily routines and seemingly mundane moments that will lead to a lifetime of growing closer to God—both for you and the members of your home. Each session includes practical examples of prayers, liturgies, and activities that you and your family can put into practice right away. As you create rhythms around your everyday routines, you will find your family has a greater sense of peace and purpose as your home becomes a place where you learn how to love each other and love God.
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For students 5th-12th grade.

  • God Never Changes...But My Family Always Does: This book will show you a developmentally educated view of the child that will lead to wise parenting. From infancy through young adulthood, become practically equipped to know how you and your children will better understand and grow in God through each life stage.
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For kids ages babies-4th grade. 

  • Best of PCL-6 Gifts Every Child Needs- This podcast talks about how small, consistent things over time can change the direction of a child’s life.
    - Love over time equals worth.
    - Words over time equal direction.
    - Stories over time equal perspective.
    - Fun over time gives you a connection.
    - Work over time builds significance.
    - Tribes over time equal belonging.