Hope Stories

Generosity: A Thank You to Many
07.11.21 | Articles | Hope Stories

How does your generosity impact others? Sometimes it feels like generosity is so far away from our everyday lives. But as we learn from Connor and Bethany, our part is changing lives and eternities every day.

Micah's Story
06.13.21 | Articles | Hope Stories

When life circumstances led to relocation, Micah jumped in at Hope for friendship and to serve. Learn how Micah views serving and uses music to worship God.

Doug & Julie's Story
12.06.20 | Articles | Hope Stories | by Hope Church

As we see in Ruth's story, there's a series of "it just so happens" moments. And today, God continues to use this type of sequence of events for His bigger plan. Julie and Doug know that well.

Sidney's Story
03.01.20 | Articles | Hope Stories

What does serving your neighbor look like? For one of our volunteers, it meant choosing a college close to Hope so she could continue impacting the lives of kids in Kids Connect. Sidney shares how she's serving God, no matter what she's doing.

Rachel & Jonathan's Hope Story
11.03.19 | Articles | Hope Stories

Being new to a church can be intimidating. But Rachel & Jonathan Fisher jumped right in. The first thing that brought them to Hope was Kids Connect, but they kept coming back for the music, groups and the friendships. Here's their Hope Story.