Now Watching Address the Mess - Part 4 - "Storyteller"

When you’re in the middle of a mess, your emotions can easily get the better of you and make your mess even messier. In this message, we’ll learn that there will be a day in your future when this mess is nothing more than a story to tell. And the part of the story that will matter the most is how you responded to the mess you found yourself in. If you decide to trust God and follow Jesus, he’ll write an ending to the story that you’ll be glad to tell.
Address the Mess

Whether you’re religious or not, we all have something in common: we’ve all made messes in our lives. You’ve said things like, “I messed that up,” “I made a mess of that,” or “My life is a mess.” We’ve all been in, are currently in, or are just one decision away from a mess. But there’s something you need to know: there’s a powerful connection between your messes and your relationship with God.