At Hope, we believe that a church not only needs great rows on Sunday morning, but also great circles where people have the opportunity to grow their faith together. We believe spiritual growth best happens in the context of healthy friendships. In Groups, you get more out of life while plugging into the lives of others.

Hope offers two different types of Groups for you to choose between. Here is a breakdown of what each of those Groups looks like:

  • Community Groups are Groups made up of 12-14 people, meeting weekly for relational connection and spiritual growth. Adults of all ages, stages of life, and spiritual maturity are welcome. Groups meet weekly, taking breaks throughout the year as determined by the Group. There are numerous Groups available on differing nights of the week and in various locations. Choose the one that best fits your needs—if child-care's provided, which night of the week, and meeting location.

  • Men's Groups and Women's Groups are comprised of 12-14 people in both single and married stages of life. We are currently offering a Men's morning Group and a Women's morning and evening Group. As this is the first time we are offering these specialized Groups, availability is limited.

If you are new to Hope groups, check out our First Group HERE.

For more information, or if you have any questions about Groups, email us at or stop by Guest Services in the lobby on Sunday morning.